The Benefits of LED Canopy Lights over HID

This type of lighting is relatively new for outdoor lighting. This is because they’re usually used to illuminate parking garages with multiple levels. Canopy lights or vapor fixture lights can be different things. These include metal halides with smaller wattage, high-pressure sodium bulbs or fluorescent fixtures. If you already have these lights, you don’t need to worry. You have the option of retrofitting your canopy or vapor fixture lights to switch them to LED. You can use a LED version of either a LED canopy or a vapor-proof LED fixture.

A significant advantage of LED lights is that they can last for years. Also, they consume much less energy as compared to HID and other types of lights. They are not that expensive to install. You can even use the savings you make to improve other parts of your house. Furthermore, LED lights have a more appealing effect.

For businesses, the most common type of lighting that’s preferred is the LED canopy lights. Take a look around, and you will find these in different places. You can see them in gas stations, parking garages, and in other establishments. The lights are frequently found in the driving aisles of garages and gas-pump areas. LED canopy lights will last for years to come, and the lights they emit are comfortable to the eyes. When it comes to costs, they can lower your electric bills.

Let’s discuss the benefits

Nowadays, LED lights are becoming more popular. This is for many reasons. Here are some benefits of LED canopy lights over HID and other traditional lighting options:

  • LEDs have longer lifespans lasting to an incredible 100,000 hours.
  • LEDs are eco-friendly. They are mercury-free and don’t contain toxic chemicals.
  • They can stand extreme weather conditions.
  • There is no UV emission and very little infrared light.
  • They’re designed for flexibility, and you can use them in new or retrofit situations.
  • They provide superior light distribution so you can use them to focus on specific areas.
  • They have instant on and off with capabilities to handle photocells and motion controls.
  • These lights are energy-efficient. That’s why they’re suitable for lighting areas which have canopies. These include truck stops, gas stations, drive-thru at banks, restaurants, and pharmacies. LEDS have varied lumen levels and color temperatures. These are important in choosing the best lighting solution for outdoor spaces.
  • LED canopy lighting is easy to install and is also great for retrofitting. Maintenance or replacing the LEDs is also a breeze. This is because of the LEDs power cavities which aren’t difficult to access.
  • The sturdy housing of LED canopy lights has a unique design. It keeps the LED cool, and this would tantamount to prolonged light and more savings. The design stands against extreme weather conditions, whether it be cold, hot or windy.
  • Using LED canopy lights means more significant savings as compared to HID lighting. Furthermore, LEDs have excellent lumen maintenance ratings. This reduces maintenance needs and costs.
  • Finally, as an extra feature, LED canopy lights have different options. These include dimming and occupancy sensing options.

Our final word

The introduction of new technologies can often be frustrating. This is especially true for those who choose to stick to standards. But you cannot deny progress. Eventually, those who resist would have to go with the flow of development. Even more so when they come to terms with the advantages of new ways.

LEDs are no exception. Many have doubted their effectiveness. But in a short time, LEDs have become a fixture in many lighting jobs and has taken over the role of old fixtures. But with the advantages they offer, the elderly get forced into retirement. As this happens, the new generation of lighting takes over. Through retrofitting, LEDs have taken over the jobs of the old system. With this new technology, there is less to dispose of. These lights also carry more extended warranties, and the savings are considerable.